#AspiringShe Riddhima Kapoor Sahni


image13AspiringShe – Riddhima Kapoor – We are so glad to have Riddhima Kapoor on our Women Achievers List at AspiringShe.

Read on to know more about her life inspirations here!

About Riddhima Kapoor

Born in September 1980 to the Bollywood Star couple Rishi and Neetu Kapoor & sister of renowned actor Ranbir Kapoor, Riddhima Kapoor Sahni is a successful fashion and Jewelry designer.

She got married to her classmate and businessman Bharat Sahni on 25 January 2006.  She is considered to be a fashionista for her contemporary style and has walked the ramp for many designers in India. On completion of her contract with a renowned Jewelry brand she endorsed with her mother, she decided to launch her own jewelry line with her friend & partner Anuj Kapoor of Punjab Jewellers, Mumbai.



What or who has been your motivation behind your success?
I am my own motivation and competition to strive better each day
There is lot of competition in your industry, how has been your journey so far in the Industry? How easy or tough it’s been to achieve your goals?
There is no fun without competition
I enjoy competition and am competitive by nature
Who is your role model or who do you look up to in life?
My mother has always been my role model
Tell us something exclusive about yourself? What you love to do other than your regular work?
Play and goof around with my seven year old daughter.
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Where do you see yourself five years from now?
Working even harder
Which celebrity or individual you would love to style-up !
Who is your most admired celebrity and why!
Kate Middleton . She is elegance personified
Your One Liner for All other Women Aspirants?
Follow your dreams
Your Message to our readers…
Follow R jewellery by Riddhima Kapoor Sahni and continue showing us love!

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#AspiringShe Kiraan Thakur


#AspiringShe – Kiraan Thakur – Owner & Founder of Nanzaquat – The ethnic Jewellery Brand.

Our Top 100 Women Achievers from India.

About Nanzaquat – Nanzaquat offers a beautiful range of  Indian Tribal and Rustic collection of jewellery. A brand conceptualized by Kiraan Thakur, to spice up your Ethnic collection for the rustic Indian look  it is a world of fearlessly vibrant colors,intoxicating designs & enigmatic patterns in jewelry. All the designs are for all those seeking that exclusive Bold ethnic/gypsy Indian look.

About Kiraan Thakur – The Jewellery Designer at Nanzaquat. Very creative, down to earth, strong and inspirational personality.

What or who has been your motivation behind your Success?
Creativity is a part of my DNA , my mom is a very good seamstress, knitter and does beautiful Crochet. My grandmother was awarded by the Delhi Government for her sewing skills at the age of 98. So inspiration has been from my family all along. Success is the satisfaction derived after completing each piece of art.
How has your journey as an entrepreneur been?
My journey has been extremely interesting. What started off as a means to an end has shaped out to be a global business catering to clients from more than eighty countries. When I walked out of a bad marriage with two little boys I had very few options so I did what I had learned during my growing up years: designing. Embroidery was an art which fascinated me from an early age and sewing is something I had learnt during my college days. Combining these two skills was the recipe to a successful business. I offered free training to women from socially weak background who were keen in learning these skills and before I knew it I had trained close to 700 women. Empowering women who were uneducated and belonged to the weaker section gave me tremendous satisfaction and that is what I consider as my success.
Where do you see yourself five years from now!
I see myself empowering women in which ever way I can. Giving back to society more than what I have gained from it.
What you love to do when you have free time?
I love to read , so when I am not working I am either reading or playing with my fur babies. I also love to engage myself in different forms of art like painting, macrame and tatting lace.
Your message to our women aspirants?
Be creative. Be Focused and dedicated to whatever you do success would follow.


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#AspiringShe Pooja Makhija


#AspiringShe – Pooja Makhija  – We are so glad to have interacted with her for our campaign #AspiringShe and having her as one of our Top 100 women achievers in India is a pleasure indeed !

About Pooja Makhija : Nutritionist to stars like Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor, Mira Kapoor, Twinkle Khanna, Tammana Bhatia, Ishaan Khattar and Sushmita Sen, celebrity dietician Pooja Makhija has, to date, transformed the bodies – and the lives – of thousands of people.  Her clientele includes models, actors, socialites, CEOs, ace yoga instructors, personal trainers, producers, directors, singers, pilots, architects, builders, media professionals and housewives. She has further been the nutritionist for the Miss India and the I Am She beauty pageants, and was responsible for getting some of the country’s most glamorous girls into shape in their bid to represent India internationally.

Pooja’s Expertise:

But for Pooja, it’s not about weight loss as much as it is about nourishment. Ms Makhija believes that food is fuel and not calories and that food should be treated as your friend, not your enemy. An MSc in Food Science and Nutrition and a BSc in Dietetics from Mumbai, Ms Makhija also believes in the power of food to heal, which is why her nutrition programmes work well for diabetics, heart patients, PCOS patients and for those whom lifestyle changes will greatly benefit.

Formerly on the Board of Studies in Food Science and Nutrition of the SVT College of Home Science, she has further has been invited and been affiliated with colleges and educational institutions to include Symbiosis International University and JD Birla Institute, Kolkata.

Pooja’s achievements: 

Her belief in the power of food has been translated into being a brand ambassador for Tata Tetley Green Tea, Dabur Honey, Zespri Kiwifruit and Saffola Aura Oil. She has also been associated – through a breakfast recipe book – with the Kellogg’s campaign on the importance of eating breakfast, and has additionally been the face of World Yoga Day in Surat (2015) and in New Delhi with Baba Ramdev (2017). While additionally being associated with other brands like L’Oreal and Vogue, she has also been invited to give nutritional talks by Bajaj Allianz, Kotak, Citibank, KPMG, Lodha, ICICI, and HP as well as inaugurated a one-of-a-kind diet clinic in Kolkata. She also launched the Birla Sun Life Health Insurance App with the likes of Rahul Dravid and Graeme Smith.

Her bestselling book released in 2012, Eat Delete is in its ninth reprint with over 50000 copies sold and has already been translated into Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati and Marathi. Her brand new book Eat Delete Junior – a book on child nutrition –  released in July 2017. She hopes to release her next book N for Nourish (Title TBC), a children’s book aimed at teaching kids about nutrition – in the coming year. She also had her own TV show – the Pooja Makhija show – on the Food Food channel and also has a regular column in the Times of India (Times Life) and in DNA. She, additionally, was also a fitness expert on Radio City 91.1 FM (on the fitness segment Ram Pam Poshan)

While she works from Mumbai, Pooja can actually work with clients from any corner of the globe. Her new weight loss and health portal www.nourishgenie.com means you actually never have to meet her, but can get your diets delivered straight to your inbox. However, at the core of Pooja’s activities – be it books, the health portal or her clinic – is her ongoing mission to educate people about the magic and wonder of food so that it becomes not something you’re afraid of but something that is an everlasting support to you in the time to come.


What or who has been your motivation behind your success?
My motivation drives my mission and my mission fuels my motivation – in the simplest sense I strive to help people rebuild their faith in food and that is my driving force. Today, people see food as calories – food is the reason they are fat or unhealthy – but food is our fuel – it is what gives us the energy, the efficiency and efficacy to live the way we want. Food is your medicine and if you learn to use food in its truest, purest form – you will never see disease or any health problem. To spread this faith is my mission – and that I regard to be my motivator to succeed.

How has been your journey so far? How easy or tough it’s been to achieve your goals?

God has been truly kind. HE helped me smooth out all the speed breakers and pitfalls with grace and ease. I believe that you if you truly love what you do – do automatically to it well and then your journey to get where you want is beautiful and peaceful.

Like I said my goal is to help rebuild the faith in food – that you can eat to lose weight and you can eat your way into health. Yes, the fads and different trends floating around do make it difficult for me to make my voice heard but I try and I try hard and will keep trying – till we all see the magic of eating and never again follow depravation diets to weight loss.

You have your own Brand Nourish, How easy its been for you to establish that in this competitive world.

Well, competition is not something to fear – competition helps you grow- stronger, bolder and work harder. And that always betters what you do. I have been practicing for over 15 years today and have four babies Nourish, Nourish Genie, Eat.Delete and Eat.Delete.Junior. – I must say I am a proud mother!

Who is your role model or who do you look up to in life?

As cliché as it may sound I would say my mother. She has been my vital force behind everything I do. I see her as my inspiration in life. She has taught me that only hard work pays. I learnt to live my dreams and making them come true only because she believed in me and gave me strength.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Five year from now or until infinity – I shall be doing what I am doing today! I love my job – it completes me. I believe God gives us each a job to accomplish on earth – this is mine.

Your One Liner for All other Women Aspirants?

Do what you love, love what you do. Then you will never work a single day of your life.



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To know more about Nutrition and Food Pl follow Pooja Makhija on http://www.poojamakhija.com/


#AspiringShe Riddhi Doshi

#AspiringShe Riddhi Doshi Our Top 100 Women Achievers from India who are doing wonderful work!

25587069_226195737921277_6902735356394252601_oAbout Riddhi Doshi – She is certified Child Psychologist,  Inspirational Speaker at Tedx -CTAE
, Parenting Consultant, Founder LAJA, Founder Director Rhyns Academy Pvt Ltd,  Founder & Owner at MocktailGazebo. She has been awarded with National Award for Cultural Activities,  Young Entrepreneurs Award
, “Notable Network Award’ in Recognition of Outstanding Performance by BNI Infinite
Hastakshar #Self Made Divas Award, Awarded the Speaker Trophy at the Vvennus Club.

What or who has been your motivation behind your success?

My family, especially my father has been the motivation behind my success. My upbringing, especially my mother,   where there was no limit to ones achievements is my motivation. My husband and in-laws, who didn’t confine me to the house and let me spread my wings as wide as I could are my motivation.

The potential of the many women I meet is my motivation and the enthusiasm and encouragement that my team exudes is my motivation. I am ambitious by nature, but without the constant encouragement and push that all these individuals give me I would not have achieved this much.

How has been your journey so far as an entreprenuer? How easy or tough it’s been to achieve your goals!

What is a journey if there is no adventure? As with all ventures or business or initiatives I too have faced challenges and obstacles in my journey; but what made the difference is that I treated each obstacle and challenge as a pit stop in my race to reach my goals. This gave me time to refuel, refresh and reorganize myself and surge ahead with mostrength and determination.

Who is your role model in Life?

Like most girls I would say that my father, Ajay Doshi is my role model. However I would like to add that my mother  Nalini Doshi played an equally important role as a role model.

My father left a very promising job of GM with TATAs and started his own venture when he was at the peak of of his career. My mother Nalini Doshi too left her career to concentrate on the upbringing of her four daughters and made them independent and achievers.

Together these two molded, guided and encouraged me and made me who I am today.

Tell us something exclusive about yourself? What you love to do other than your work?

My work has never been ‘work’ for me. I actually love and enjoy doing what I do. So my true get away from life is my work. However having said that, I will add that I love nature and the outdoors! Trekking and nature walks are something I often do along with my husband and son. I am also quite drawn to languages and love learning or picking up phrases in different languages.

Your Inspiration in Life?

Every woman out there who succeeds at something despite all odds is my inspiration. To see women achieve success even if it is a small victor in-spite of family pressures, social framework, educational background or financial status is what inspires me. I have always believed in the power of women. We are born as multitalented multitaskers and we have the potential to do so much more. Unfortunately the very society that celebrates a Goddess stops a woman from following her dreams. So from this sludge of discouragement, when a woman rises to wear her crown of success I feel inspired.  

Where do you see yourself five years from now!?

I don’t plan to be a Mahatma, but I do plan to set the stage for an enriching and enlightened experience for women. My project is not just limited to empowering women Today; this is my work-in-progress towards opening women’s eyes and making them see their true selves. So five years from now I see myself as a proud mother watching over her children from all over the country find their feet and take steps towards liberation. Empowerment is a small word when you realize the kind of challenges that women face. The challenges change as the demographics, terrain, culture, society and backgrounds change; but the essence of a woman who can fight remains and that is what I aim to tap.

On a lighter are you a travel freak or lover if yes pl share your favorite destination and the reason you chose it!

Yes, I love to travel and enjoy time spent amidst nature with my family and friends. My favorite destination internationally is Switzerland with its beautiful snow covered Alps and green meadows. Closer home I love Ahmedabad as that’s where my roots are.

Your One Liner for All other Women Aspirants?

“Believe in yourself, because unless you do; no one else will!”

Your Message to our readers…

I personally believe that we are all equal. Each one of us has the talent, potential and capability to find our own paths and surge to success. What we lack is the conviction and self belief. Once we realize our own worth then the sky and beyond is the limit. So find that spark within you and don’t just be on the sidelines watching others pick up their laurels. Pull back your shoulders, take a deep breath and take that FIRST step towards a Successful and New You.

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#AspiringShe – Ishi Khosla

Profile pic#AspiringShe : Ishi Khosla – The Nutritionist, author and an entrepreneur! She is on Our Top 100 Women Achievers list!
About Ishi Khosla:Ms. Ishi Khosla is a practicing clinical nutritionist, columnist, , author, an entrepreneur and researcher. She is actively involved in clinical practice at the Centre For Dietary Counseling in Delhi and recently has started practice in Dubai, where she deals with a wide range of nutrition related health problems including obesity, diabetes, cardio-vascular disease, digestive disorders, food allergies  etc. To scale up her practice and reach out  to a global audience Ms. Khosla has founded a unique score based nutrition app called theweightmonitor.com.  One of its kind theweightmonitor has helped people across the world to not only loose weight  scientifically  but also understand nutrition through an e-learning module. This app has been launched in the middle east U.A.E. recently.

Passionate about nutrition and a strong believer in the power of foods, she spearheaded, the first of its kind, a health food company in India ‘Whole Foods’, in the business of producing and retailing health foods and operating Health Cafe’s.As part of her commitment towards public health and community nutrition, Ms. Khosla founded ‘The Celiac Society Of India’, the first of its kind in India, to spread awareness about gluten related disorders and Celiac Disease, a condition caused by wheat and gluten intolerance. She is also involved in community service through the All India Women’s Association and Delhi Commonwealth Women’s Association. She has been  an adviser to several organizations , multi-national companies and is on the board of many institutions including her Alma Mater Lady Irwin College Delhi University. She lectures extensively and is invited frequently to radio and television programmes. She has authored many books, among them are ‘Is Wheat Killing You?’ and ‘The Diet Doctor’ published by Penguin. She writes extensively for leading news papers and magazines and publish papers in scientific journals. Among her recognitions include ‘Distinguished Alumnus 2011’ at Lady Irwin College, ‘Women’s Achiever’s award in the Field of Nutrition by The Imperial & Cancer Patient Aids Association and ‘Jijabai Women Achiever’s award’. She has also been listed among the 25 most powerful women in the country by the India Today Group.



What or who has been your motivation behind your success?

My motivation has been my belief in the healing power of foods. Success is a relative term- what I can say is that I have been blessed with the opportunities to realize my aspirations, enrich my learnings & make a difference. And still, have lots more to do.

How has been your journey? How easy or tough it’s been to achieve your goals!
My journey has not been chartered path – I chose, at every stage, to do what seemed meaningful and overall made sense. The sole purpose was to make a difference by inculcating appropriate communication skills, providing empathy and conviction with an integrated approach to food and nutrition science.

What appeared to be a paradigm shift in those days is considered a scientific break-through today. Encouraging people to eat traditional foods – fats like butter, ghee, eggs and nuts or fatty fish was unheard of 20 years ago. Breaking conventional mindsets in my field was more of an advantage than challenge for me. A holistic approach to wholesome eating was surely a change that people were not prepared to hear about – changing to low fat, low salt, sugar free, cholesterol free type of dietary advice; which today may seem very normal. On top of that, advising people about food sensitivities like gluten and other grains was also relatively lesser known and accepted when I started off. All in all, what may seemed like nutritional advice when I started was actually a constant battle against the holy grail when it comes to Indian food habits. Nevertheless, I have triumphed in some areas and have still lots more work to do in others.

Who is your role model in Life? 

I have derived inspiration from many people I meet – right from my teachers, friends, family, colleagues, celebrities and even my patients. I guess if you are tuned in and ready to receive, there is something to learn throughout life.However, the passion for food and working to make sure what others eat is the best is definitely attributed to my father & mother.

Tell us something exclusive about yourself? What you love to do other than your work?

Music has been a true meditating source for me and I have invested in learning how to sing!

Your inspiration in Life?

I am inspired by the discoveries in my field of work every day. The dynamic nature of food and its impact have got me here and will keep inspiring me to learn more each day.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Across the globe: fitter and richer –  In mind & spirit! Also, possibly investing lot more in learning about experiments with food academically.

Do you love travelling!  which is yor most admired destination and the reason you chose it!

South India and Europe – the overall vibe and food, of course.


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Your one liner for all other women aspirations?

Don’t ever try to be like men. Be secure and happy in your skin and aspire for your goals.

Your message to our readers.

Life is a struggle and life is beautiful. Each life must have a meaning.  Your attitude and your inner dialogue determines how you live it. Stay positive and in gratitude.


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#AspiringShe Kavita Kapoor



#AspiringShe : Kavita Kapoor, Our Top 100 Women Achievers from India ! She is an Access Consciousness practioner & facilitator, Tarot Counsellor, Aura reader and an Alternative healer! Our exclusive interview with her read on…

What or who has been your motivation behind your success?

There is not one person but a few who have encouraged and motivated me to be who I am today. Needless to say my own inner motivation to rise above my circumstances was like an intense desire in me. My son who was a baby then, my close friends and my ex who by leaving me gave me the determination to go beyond my limits.

How has been your journey? How easy or tough it’s been to achieve your goals!

There was a time when I was searching for something that would make me a happier person who would not get jealous of others’ joys. So I thought marriage would help me find that, but that shattered me further. My work in Media Sales was burdensome, lifeless and monotonous. Motherhood came in at a time when I myself required nurturing. I told my baby that we would learn to grow up together and to forgive me if I fail on my journey. I still am growing up with my 10 yr old son. We look more like brother sister than mother son. Life opened up with lot of healing modalities that I learnt especially Access Consciousness. Post which I won the title of Chitralekha Mrs. Gujarat 2016. Life has become more expansive and more fun since I started realizing my worth. I had become a solid dense rigid and reclusive person. Till an old friend found me and pulled me out of the drudgery of my life. A broken marriage had completely marred my confidence, self-worth and love for myself. Financially I was in pits, just about managing and surviving. Now my life is blossoming each day as I acknowledge my own presence.

Journey so far has been of ups and downs more in the emotional and mental realm. Because we mostly get defeated in our thoughts and mind games that we love to play. In those phases, it surely was not easy, many a times you feel like giving up or quitting the game of life. In fact, I was so disillusioned that I had no goals except the goal of being happy and creating an identity of my own. How was not known! There was no set path to accomplish my goal. Happiness is the biggest quest people are running behind. So was I. There was a time, I would end my day with tears and sometimes start my day with tears and keep talking to the universe to show me the way. I would talk to the moon, the stars, and the sky at night from my balcony, with the conviction that my time would change. Rather asking them to contribute to my life and change my life. The more I healed myself, the easier my life became. Thoughts, feelings and emotions make the journey tougher. Sans these, life is a free flow of experiences only.

Who is your role model in Life

There was a time when I wanted to become an actress but had no role model. Then I wanted to be a motivational speaker like Sister Shivani or Sadguru. Then I realized that I am different and I do not have to be like someone. I am my own role model. Coz I can’t follow or be like others beyond a point. For me my role model is all about BEING ME! The same question was asked in the elimination rounds of Chitralekha Mrs. Gujarat 2016. I said the same thing.

Tell us something exclusive about yourself? What you love to do other than your work?

Actually I don’t take my work as work. It is absolute fun and masti for me. I love doing what I do. I love to talk a lot and dance. Again that too becomes a part of my work! Exclusive in this case would be my writings, I write poems. I just love expressing myself and reaching out to the world.

Your Inspiration in Life?

Divine and his creation inspire me. Change inspires me. Seeing people shifting and transforming in their lives inspires me. Self-realisation inspires me. I seek inspiration from anything and everything.

Where do you see yourself five years from now!?

I see myself as a motivational speaker and a celebrity entertaining and inspiring and stirring up masses to change the way of living on the planet. Like an expert who’s opinions matter to change the perspective of living on this planet. Can’t pinpoint my exact designation as of now. A vision I had seen in my hypnotherapy class of addressing masses and spreading fun and joy all around!

On a lighter side are you a travel freak ! if yes pl share your admired destination and the reason you chose it!

I love traveling, though I haven’t travelled much so far. I would like to trot the globe and explore the whole planet. But if you are asking for one location then I would like to visit Prague in Czech Republic. I loved the movie Rockstar! It captured the natural beauty of this country and historically rich too.

Your One Liner for All other Women Aspirants?

Be true to yourself. Acknowledge that Being you is a gift to the world. Don’t ever lose yourself for others!

Your Message to our readers…

Purpose of life is to have fun! Be like a child who can have fun in any situation, anywhere. He doesn’t require money for that, no expensive toys, the kid can be joyful with himself. Everywhere you are waiting for something to happen post which you think you would be able to enjoy, pause a moment, start enjoying without being vested in the outcome and for all you know your big moment would just come around! Stop waiting for life to happen to you, you are life, you create it the way you wish to! Fun is just about loosening up and being spontaneous in life! Stop judging yourself!


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#AspiringShe Khyati Vikani Bhatt

#AspiringShe: Our Top 100 Women Achievers from India – Khyati Vikani Bhatt, Wonderful person with strong Self -confidence.
About Khyati Vikani Bhatt : Professionally Khyati has trained for mastery in nonverbal communication with retired FBI special agent Joe Navarro who is a world-wide recognized expert in this subject. Khyati is also an expert of reading micro expressions certified by Paul Ekman, the scientist who spent his lifetime studying emotions and facial expressions. Her work and thoughts have been covered in respectable magazines and platforms like FirstPost, The Week, Entrepreneur media, GutShot etc. to name a few.  Khyati also conducts workshops for corporates on different applications of nonverbal communications. The very recent workshops include Body language for interviewers for the National heads at Panasonic, Nonverbal intelligence in the workplace at the Adani Defence group etc. Khyati consults corporates on bridging communication gaps within hierarchies and trains individuals and groups on effective body language displays. She imparts personal coaching services for improving personal impact exploring nonverbal strategies and has provided expertise to investors on right team to invest into, conducted interviews for senior managers, written scripts for corporate communication movies etc.
Preview at 91springboard Andheri
What or who has been your motivation behind your success?
My husband has been my motivation ever since I got to know him,
seventeen years back. He has been there to back me up
unquestioningly in whatever I have wished to do in my life. Be it a
career choice or an investment into my venture. He is the one who had
shared that one random book on body language back in college days
more than a decade back which became a full time career choice for
me. He is also the one who asks me real tough questions, the ones
which have made me doubly sure of every step I take along the way
and have significantly contributed in the confidence I have in myself.
How has been your journey? How easy or tough it’s been to
achieve your goals!
Doing business is never a cake walk. Anyone who wants to be a
stand-alone entrepreneur necessarily has to learn to adopt a
multitude of skill sets. One either acquires them before starting out
on their own, or while they are on the job. But being good in just one
aspect or in technical know-how of your product or service cannot
make for a great leader. It has been a tough journey for me in the
beginning few years where it took me efforts to explain to potential
clients that the work we did was exclusive and beyond the usual
offerings in the market. I have had to demonstrate immense
patience, perseverance and investment but the efforts have been
worth it. I had planned it in a particular fashion when I began and I
made sure I followed that path. For example, one thing I wanted to
ensure is that if I wanted to be an expert, people should be able to
find me not only on my website but on multiple platforms and that’s
why I began by writing a lot on the subject in the very early days of
getting established. As visibility increased, I grew a team a member
at a time and started increasing our offerings. What we offer is
premium and to get to the right market has taken a lot of efforts. But
now getting business is relatively less challenging and slowly my
team has started getting experienced in differentiating each inquiry
and customizing our responses as per the requirement. I don’t need
to be personally involved in each conversion, which gives me time
and scope for further expansion. That being said, every time we
achieve a set target, I ensure that we, as a team, celebrate it
together so that the efforts of each contributing member are duly
recognized and we consciously acknowledge every milestone.
Who is your role model in Life?
Frankly, there is no single person I have looked up to. There are
qualities in people I cross paths which, which stick on. These people
can be the authors I read, or businessmen I meet or family members
whom I have observed from up close. The ability to read body
language of others gives me the power to be able to know each
individual’s strengths and weaknesses. But I learnt long back that it is
traits of people which are strong or weak, not people themselves
which is why I focus only on those. Even today, any and every person
I meet, I ensure that I take away atleast one thing from my meeting
which I can imbibe in either my ideas, thoughts or business so that
either can become one notch stronger.

Tell us something exclusive about yourself? What you love to do

other than your work?
Playing a sport, reading and writing are hobbies close to my heart.
After experimenting with a lot of sports, badminton is one which has
stuck on with me through the years. It’s a leisurely activity but I focus
on it just as much as my work when I am playing. Reading and
writing are activities where I don’t need a second person to be
around. I have read a lot of random subjects over the years. I also
love spending (endless) quality time with my husband. Which
essentially means all his hobbies have, over time, become mine as
well, be it watching movies randomly or listening to various moods
of poetry or discussing philosophical topics.
Your Inspiration in Life?
Once I was discussing with a client that were I given a choice
between fame and money, I would choose the former. My mom has
given me a name which I am now trying to live up to! My inspiration
has been, and continues to be, to make my mark in the world and to
do so by taking the road not taken.
Where do you see yourself five years from now?
I have given myself two years to become an international brand. There
are lots of plans in the next couple of years which includes launching
our e commerce classes in the approaching new year and my book the
year after that. Plus we are working on our products, the first of which
was launched this year. Nonverbal communication is not limited to
coaching and training workshops and we plan to explore the limits of
this subject. My idea is to set up a full-fledged psycho physiological lab
so that we can take up consulting to help the retail segment tap
non-verbals as well as take up investigative assignments.
Like every growing entrepreneur, I am ambitious. Whenever we
achieve an internally set goal, my eye is already on a goal which is two
steps further away. And that’s the way I would want it to be, even if we
achieve all that I have planned in the coming five years.
On a lighter note, Do you love travelling! which is your favorite destination and the reason you chose it!
Traveling to explore the world has always been on my bucket list.
Most people have travel companions whom they love to explore the
world with. For me it is my husband, and now my daughter. Our idea
of travel and the way to spend the holidays depends on the spot we
choose. There are times when we just go to a destination to lie down
and spend time with ourselves. These are usually journeys of inner
discoveries for me, and a way to spend quality time with those who
matter the most to me. Then there are those places where we roam
around in the local markets, trying to get flavor of the culture,
traditions and common customs. I am an explorer of human
behavior, and going places is one way to address my curiosity. As far
as a favorite goes, I think I am still looking for that perfect place!
There is so much more to explore that I would rather not want to
revisit the same place twice.
Your One Liner for All other Women Aspirants?
As a female who runs a household, a family and a successful
business, here is what I would want to share with women aspirants:
The journey requires a lot of multi-tasking and sharp focus but if you
have real passion for the work that you do, then milestones don’t
need to be achieved, they just happen to you!
Your Message to our readers…
A lot of us miss out the essence of how strong our non-verbals can
be. If one keeps his eyes open, there is a vast amount of information
that the person sitting across is sharing with you. The question is,
can you read his story?
Getting your first impressions right by dressing to impress is just the
beginning. Use of nonverbal strategies like where to conduct your
meeting, how to read your client in real time, when to intervene in a
conversation, how to ensure your branding speaks of you etc can
give you a definite advantage, be it in business or in your personal

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#AspiringShe Shradha A Salla


#AspiringShe Our Top 100 Women Achievers from India. Shradha A Salla, We got so inspired after knowing her life-inspirations, success story and her positive thinking.

About Shradha A Salla – She is highly respected tarot reader with a rare gift and proven track record in numerology. She has been practicing for a number of years, and has undergone extensive training from the most renowned names in the field and then evolved her own intuitive approach to the art, winning her a loyal clientele comprising of the who’s who from all fields, across India and even abroad. Shradha firmly believes that numerology is one of the most accurate sciences and gives her a direct insight to your energies, thereby guiding you towards a solution. She is also a qualified healer, and has extensively studied the power of the mind, energies and positive thinking. Shradha consults clients at her tastefully done up garden studio in Bandra West, and in just a few years has a client list of more than 10000 people with the most successful of industrialists, politicians, celebrities, film personalities and more calling on her for guidance.Besides writing for all the leading papers, Shradha also has done numerous shows on TV Says Shradha, “My USP lies in my extensive knowledge of the subject – both theoretical and practical. This coupled with my  intuitive connection with energies, passion towards my work in numerology & tarot and my 100% positive approach towards any given situation, is what clients tell me is the reason for their loyalty and faith, when it comes to offering guidance and solutions to any issue”.Additionally, Shradha is also a qualified Vastu practitioner and offers practical, modern day solutions to make houses, offices, plots, buildings, factories, institutions emanate the correct energies for the flow of health, wellbeing, wealth and happiness.. She suggests possible structural changes, energy enhancements in and around the surroundings, design solutions. and even vastu remedies according to persons date of birth and business partners.Shradha herself defies all norms when its comes to tarot & numerology pracitioners, a dimunitive yet glamourous, she is a package of positive energy and radiance herself. A mother to two children, Shradha is a modern day multitasking woman who enjoys the pleasures of living life at her terms, whom clients can easily identify and connect with. The world is Shradha Salla oyster, while she offers practical solutions via tarot, enery readings & numerlogy!


What or who has been your motivation behind your immense success ?

“Success is not just what you accomplish in your life, it is about what you inspire people to do” and thats my daily job, so when your passion becomes your work YOU motivate yourself . At any given time I myself am the biggest motivation behind my success. I know I have to be better today than what I was yesterday.
So each day each step each breath I take is enough motivation for me to move forward. Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you. i look in the mirror and thats my biggest competition
How has been your journey so far ? How easy or tough has it been to achieve your goals!
She was on a journey that required her to be fierce” and that’s exactly what i did: multitasking each day , manifesting my future , practicing what i preach and always keeping a positive outlook has made may journey an Amazing interesting fascinating enlightening experience . i am a firm believer in my intuition and its like my magic wand , that’s where i found all may answers on my path. i don’t understand the word tough i replace it with finding a  solution : tough times never last but tough people do
You win some you lose some and of course there have been few pitfalls BUT you don’t look back  Just get up and keep walking !! :: Chin up Princess or the crown will slip!!!
 Who is your role model or who do you look upto in life ?
AARNA and SUNEHRA my daughters are my biggest role models: children learn as the play , most importantly in play children learn how to learn: its magical, their minds are pure, unbiased, nonjudgmental and they speak the truth , trust me on this spend a day with a child and you will get all your answers. They call a spade a spade, as adults we need to unlearn and go back to thinking like a child.
Tell us something exclusive about yourself? What you love to do other than your regular work. 
Food and travel: i run a very successful food company : “i love edamame” “ i love crepes” a passion turned into a business, and if Iam not eating or working… i travel
What made you choose numerology and tarot reading as your profession?
I didn’t choose the profession, it choose me: all i did was study a course on numerology at home, and then there was no looking back, one step lead to another , i listened to my inner voice,i kept learning i kept practicing and now 11 years down the line: my expertise lie in numerology, tarot and vastu consulting, life coaching, motivational speaking, quantum physics healing and training people on positive thinking and the power of the mind
Where do you see yourself five years from now?
“wherever you are be all there : every morning we are born again and what we do today matters the most! i honestly don’t where i see myself in 5 years from now, but one thing i do know, is that i grow daily!! so that’s good news for sure.
Your one liner for all other women aspirants
You’ve mastered the SELFIE now master YOURSELF  and then know your worth and  add tax !!! AND in case of emergency love yourself even more- I LOVE ME
Your message to our readers..
A small story – “people asked how i stay so positive after losing my legs- i simply ask how the stay so negative with theirs” Quoted by a man who lost both his legs in an accident.
If you believe in yourself anything is possible. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you learn. No one ever loses. It might not be easy , it will be worth it for sure. No one is you and that’s your power , The best way to predict your future is to create it . positivism is a superpower- manifest YOU !!

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#AspiringShe Tripti Shinghal Somani

IMG-20171223-WA0258#AspiringShe – Tripti Shinghal – Versatile & Multi-Tasker. Our Top 100 Women Achievers from India!

About Tripti Shinghal Somani: She is a Chartered Accountant by Profession but have opted to get into many tasks related to women empowerment and Social upliftment of women. She is CEO & MD at KGS advisors LLP, Founder at Incupedia, Co-founder at STEM Ed. For Kids, Chairperson- NOS subcommittee MEPSC, Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship at MEPSC, Founding Chairperson at Confederation Of Women Entrepreneurs (COWE), Governing Council Member at NIESBUD(Natianal Institute For Entrepreneurship And Small Busness Development) (UNDP MINISTRY OF MSME, GOVERMENT OF INDIA) A-63, SECTOR-62,NOIDA-201 301(U.P.) Fragrance & Flavour Development Centre Ministry of MSME(Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises), Founder at Queen’s XI Cricket League, co-opted member GMCS at The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Organiser & Knowledge Partner at MIT Global Startup Workshop Secretary at Gvriksh  and CEO & Founder at Promoters and Mentors.

Who  has been your motivation behind your wonderful success?

I would say it was more of my circumstances and hard work. I lost my dad two months before my marriage was planned. Since then I wanted to keep myself very occupied to cope-up with the situation. I started working very hard.My family support has always been there and it helped me a lot to come out of the and bring the best out of me. My passion to help women has made me strong and currently i am running five oragnistions successfully .

How has been your journey? How easy or tough it’s been to achieve your goals!

I wont say it been tough but yes the basic ups and downs have been there. I would say to run an NGO or any social services related organisation you need to keep yourself abreast with govt schemes and programs. There are very good Schemes by government of india we just need to be aware of them and utilize them properly. One needs to read a lot  go though them in detail..  It’s a sea – if you think it is challenging you would find it difficult. Moreso with Social media it is not challenge at all as everything is accessible and you can reach out to people easily.

Who is your role model in Life?

Robert Kiyosaki and his book ‘rich dad poor dad’. It is very inspiring and i love reading it.

Tell us something exclusive here What you love to do other than your work?

I have been in social work for long now! I love dancing – break dance, free style and salsa, also I have inclination for numerology which i had learn from my dad.

Where do you see yourself five years from now!?

I want to dedicate myself fully into social work. Raise my voice for women empowerment. I would like to explore other regions for social work as well which needs me in India.

Your One Liner for All other Women Aspirants?

Switch off your emotion switch think about

Count your life, by smile not tears, count your age by friends not years.

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#AspiringShe Rachna Mehra


#AspiringShe – Our Top 100 women achievers from India Rachna Mehra is an Inspiration for everyone! read on her exclusive interview –

About RACHNA MEHRA – Spiritual Stylist & Catalyst for change. Rachna Mehra, is a “Soul catalyst” attempting to not only withstand all the chaos but also have taken a step to heal others. Her penchant is to serve and inspire people. Honored with a Certificate of Science, A Master Instructor Theta Healing® from Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge, USA changed the voyage of her life. She is a graduate in Business communication from HL College of Commerce, Ahmedabad.

She has won many awards like- Achievers of India honored by Hon. President of India & Ministry of Women and Child Development India & Face Book in the Category of Healthcare & Wellness for Transforming Many Lives to Shift their Un-wanted Belief for better health and growth. Nurtured by the Vianna Stibal, a legend in Theta Healing®, She is now a certified instructor from Theta Institute of Knowledge, USA. She is also an active contributor for ‘Inner Voice’ column in Hindustan Times. Awarded by Ishma Mumbai for Par Excellence in Theta Healing, Women Rising Spirit Solitaire Elite awards. One of the greatest Achievements is being part of the Shoot by Google on Women’s Day- One Day I’LL. 2017 Exceptional Women of Excellence & Social Leader of the year.

rachna 2017dec

Who or what has been your motivation behind your success?

Spirituality has always been in my roots. My foundation was laid by my ancestors and grows stronger with the wonderful people around me today and I am so very grateful for it. My grand father was my first my real motivation, he taught me to be a good listener. My Dad-in-law is a living example of how to focus wisely, have a strong will power and be patient. My Backbone is my better half who has helped me achieve my purpose and lastly my mentor Vianna Stibal, my source of knowledge

How has been your journey. How easy or tough has it been to achieve your goals

I strongly believe time plays a pivotal role in the journey of life. I was married at an early age of 19. Days passed being a promising daughter in law, wife & mother. My family ensured I complete my graduation while I continued to manage my household responsibilities (most of the time was quiet rewarding:)). A decade later, I had a calling- I realized how much my own beliefs were limiting my personal growth and success.That realization was a huge turning point for me. It was the moment when I began to understand that I’d only be able to change my life once I’d changed my beliefs. I took upon Reiki and then Theta healing- trained and educated myself to become a Mom to ‘mompreneur’ and here  I am – a successful Master Instructor & Certificate of Science Theta Healing,Honored by the President of the India & Ministry of Women & Child Development of India as one among 100 Women Achievers of India and Honored with accolades in transforming many lives through 3E program of Education Experience Enlightenment! In this journey called life I made a conscious decision to work on simple power principle: You can always be more, have more and do more because you can always learn more

Who is your role model in your life

Vianna Stibal, my mentor is my role mode. I am in awe of the divine source, to be able to be connected with the awesome & simple application of modern technology -Theta Healing which Vianna has empowered me with.

Tell us something exclusive about yourself, what you love to do other than your work?

I like to call myself a spiritual stylist. My work helps me style my spirit and soul and also helps me empower others, outside of work, I am passionate about styling the rest of myself. How you feel within must reflect on how you feel outside! I have a keen eye for fashion and style and enjoy spending my days designing and styling my clothes, a little shopping never hurts 🙂

Your inspiration in life

My two girls are my true inspiration. I see myself in them. Its wonderful to see how they have grown up, teaching me new life experiences, virtues of kindness, compassion and to be refrain from superficial experiences. Its like growing up again with them and its a great feeling to learn and get upto speed with the new generation!

Where do you see yourself five years from now

5 years is a long time. I have a job to do- to touch many more lives, empower many more woman and spread smiles and world peace. I will continue my mission to help empower as many people as I can along the way and help spread the love for Theta healing and to help build a peaceful and better world around me. I aspire to be the lead Theta practitioner in India, known for her skill and inspiring work!

Do you love traveling? Which is your most admired destination!

I’d pick travel freak- hands down! I love all my travel experiences though a recent one that brought me joy and peace was the mesmerizing Alaskan Cruise. My love for nature, sailing through the calm and beautiful waters, so close to trees and mountains and breathing fresh air helped me connect with all my blessings and empowered me to do more!


Your one liner for other woman aspirants

Learn Learn Learn! You are empowering & age is no bar.

Your message to our readers

Change brings opportunity!

What would you do if you wanted to become a professional tennis player or world-class artist? Wouldn’t you learn the skill and then practice? In a similar way, you can LEARN to play the game of Life.. and Win!

It’s time to blend ancient wisdom and modern science. They are timeless and limitless, so it’s never, ever “too late” or “too soon.

What ever you want to do, do it now.

What ever you want to be, be it now.

What ever you want to have, have it now.

Practice and commit to being happy now as practice and commitment makes permanence.



About Theta Healing®:

Theta Healing® is an intuitive and simple reconnection with the unconditional love present in each one of us. Theta Healing® Technique combines the awareness of metaphysics and quantum physics through the use of an Road Map, A Simple Modern technology a meditation to lower the brainwaves to theta in seconds. Participants can witness healing, change beliefs quickly on four complete levels of the brain, amazing techniques that will make you amazed at how fast you can connect with your own intuitive abilities at a deeper level through Divine Intelligence and empower yourself. A small shift in the mind that makes that big difference. Changes that are long term.

Theta Healing® technique is now a world-wide healing modality founded by Vianna Stibal, medical intuitive and naturopath, who healed her own self of journey back to good health in seconds in 1995 through the Energy-of-All-That-Is.

It is easy and available to everyone; the negatives like envy jealousy and self-defeating depressions are unknotted from the psyche and you learn to stand whole again. Naturally this means your stress levels dive and you are able to get into better decision making as well as better relationships with the world and yourself. An easy way to connect deep within where a practitioner connects deep within mentally physical, emotional & spiritual healing.  Theta Healing® is a supplement of medical aid but not its substitute.


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#AspiringShe Abha Maryada Banerjee


Among Our Top 100 Women Achievers from India we are so glad to have interacted with Ms. Abha Maryada Banerjee! Read on to know her success story, inspiration and a lot more..

About ABHA MARYADA BANERJEE : She is India’s first internationally acclaimed woman motivational speaker, rated as one of the Top Ten Life, Business and Success Coaches in Asia Pacific. Abha’s expertise lies at teaching Individual achievement, Leadership in Motion, Human Peak Performance and Emotional Intelligence. As one of the key women Leadership Educators, she consults extensively with Blue Chip Companies and C Suite executives on Diversity cum Inclusion, Creativity cum Culture and Corporate Cultural Branding. She is working on an East West model of business efficiency based on human performance within a cultural context. She introduced Mental Strength and peak performance coaching for Indian Olympians. As the Peak Performance/Mental Strength Coach for the Olympic Athletes (2012 Olympics), India received berths at the London Olympics and eventual medals at the Commonwealth Games. Having worked with many high performance individuals, she is the recipient of the Women Icon Award 2017, Women of Excellence Award, 2017and Brand Builder of the year 2017 for excellence in Leadership Education, Top Asia Business Award, 2016 and REX KARMAVEER GOLD CHAKRA Award,2016 (initiated by the UN and International Confederation of NGO’s). These awards have been conferred for her outstanding work of social impact, starting a mental freedom movement and democratising personal development education.

Abha is the India Good Will Ambassador for the BETI ZINDABAD gender equality campaigns of Action Aid, a UN agency that works towards making gender equality a reality.

She is the producer and host of the web series on Leadership called BREAKOUT where she interviews Global Influencers and Game Changers who have managed to merge human and business excellence by challenging the status quo. Her eventful and courageous journey has been chronicled as a story in Indian and International Books.

Fondly known as Asian Oprah and the Asian Woman Motivator, Abha is a lawyer by profession, having practiced business law for over 10 years. Her successful stint at law prepared her for following her vision and setting foot in the field personal development. She re-trained and re-educated herself for this field at the age of 34. Described as charismatic, passionate, driven, an open dynamic pack of energy and tons of courage, Abha is a strong lady with a lofty mind. To continuously develop her own person, she stays engaged in her creative side indulging in theatre, acting, writing, poetry, calligraphy, sketching, food and family.

In her own words, “I think I must be a growth activist or a growth addict or a growth obsessed humanist – or all of these. We must all strive to make a difference so that the gap between theory and practical is sealed.” She is also recognized as one of America’s Premier Experts for her contribution to the field of personal development and leadership and has appeared on the Brian Tracy Show in the US. She is the author of the bi-lingual poetry compilation on self-search and personal leadership called MARYADA ‘In Rendition’.



What or who has been your motivation behind your success?

Having a different DNA with the massive vision to bring about a parallel system of education and Swami Viveknanda are the motivators that started off my journey as a Motivational Speaker.  An unconventional pair of people as parents who inspired by their own big and small achievements, their upbringing which brought possibilities and whose encouragement incited basic human heroism into my life.
My early years were full of social restrictions as being outspoken and someone who had an opinion on things that mattered brought about a constant struggle to stay relevant. Many reprimands and criticism later, I realized opinions mattered to those who were positively affected by it. Then began the journey to make that difference to those who were to be affected positively. After reaching out to so many people for support, I was left with my husband and children as the support system. Without them, it would not have been possible.

How has been your journey? How easy or tough it’s been to achieve your goals!

It has been an emotional roller coaster, scary and exciting at the same time. With no end in sight with just a vision to create a space in which everyone has the ability to achieve a rightful place for living their potential. It has been an uphill task. It was very tough because acceptance of becoming self critical and improving sounds like we are calling people wrong. This is not true, improvement and growth is a way of life and I wanted to put down the method. Persistent focus and getting back up after so many failures has been very gratifying to see lakhs of people men and women taking on a profession and speaking their souls.

Moving from being a successful lawyer to create a new professional field has taken a good 18 years of my life. Persistence, Resilience, Immense courage was needed to break into the space which refused to provide a job for what I wanted to do. So I created that space for myself and also for all those people who could have benefitted from the work.

Who is your role model in Life?
First, it was my super inspirational parents and now my ever curious children, who keep showing the path ahead. It is they who have turned me into a role-model by default inspiring me to work very hard, honest and purpose driven.

Tell us something exclusive about yourself? What you love to do other than your work?

I have special abilities to put together many disciplines, cross connect and function. There are many things I do without ever having learnt them. This is God gift. I also have a very strong creative side, am an actor, singer, humorist, published poet, a devoted family person, love to be at home cooking with the children.

Since I was a kid, I never dressed as per fashion because normal fashion never inspired me, so I created a lot of my own dresses. I still design my own clothes, design my jewellery and hair styles too. I never dress normal J Have taught this to a lot of people as part of my creative workshops.

My family tells me I am long lost sister of Swami Vivekananda J

Your Inspiration in Life?

The Changed lives that I see before my life. A life long purpose now to influence a million people by the work.

Where do you see yourself five years from now!?

Having influenced more than a million people with a parallel education system running in different countries.

On a lighter side do you love travelling which is your most cherished destination and the reason you chose it!

Yes, I am..have travelled extensively to over 25 countries so far..Love that number on my portfolio. My favorite destinations are the United States/Canada for their convenience of travel and magnificent enlarged land scape.
Europe and Turkey for their Architecture and history.
Singapore, HongKong for the Shopping
India for our splendid culture and reality lifestyle
Indonesia/ Bali/ Spain for the Indian Ocean and Mediterranian Sea

Your One Liner for All other Women Aspirants?

Two of my favorites

“Life comes just once..Live it Queen Size..”

“Become the value-driver! Excellence reveals integrity, Mediocrity the lack of it, Dishonesty the absence of it..”

Your Message to our readers…

A wo/man who has not travelled physically or in the mind has lost the biggest opportunity of life..To learn and grow..Keep moving first in the head and then wherever you want to go..Achieve as much as you can because then you open doors for others.
There is no need to underplay but play right..First they throw you out and then they will call you to remind you, they were once known to you. This is how it plays out..
Staying on the path is the most important part, there will be road  blocks, use each one to understand how to go around it. Once learnt you can cross every road block.

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#AspiringShe Sangeeta Chacko

So glad to have interacted with Sangeeta Chacko – Head Corporate Communications at Percept Limited for #AspiringShe  campaign that has selected her as ‘Top 100 women achievers’ from India !

Sangeeta Chacko, Head-Corporate Communications, Percept LtdAbout Sangeeta Chacko – With over 24 years of proficient experience in the Marketing & Communications arena, Sangeeta Chacko has handled a diverse range of portfolios spanning Advertising, Marketing, Brand Communications, Public Relations, Events & IP Management, CSR, Licensing, Retail, Publishing and Business Development with leading global organizations including O&M Advertising, The Walt Disney Group, TCI, Abacus and Kuoni. She joined Percept Limited in 2006 as Head – Corporate Communications and intercepted the Communications program for the entire Percept Group spanning 15 diverse Group Companies in the Entertainment, Media and Communications domain and IPs like Sunburn, Bollyboom, FLY and EPL.

An International & National award winner, she is a recipient of the 2017 Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award and has been featured in the ‘Marquis Who’s Who In The World®’ 2014, 2015 & 2016 Directories featuring global achievers. She has also been conferred with the ‘World Women Super Achiever Leadership Award’ in 2017, the ‘Bharat Excellence Award’ and ‘Rashtriya Mahila Gold Award’ in 2014, the ‘Outstanding International Business Communicator Award’ and the ‘Rashtriya Nirman Ratna Award’ in 2013 in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the Communications, Academics and the CSR domain.

An avid Writer and Blogger on topics that coalesce Business, Philosophy and Spirituality, she also addresses many SME and Media Industry forums, and serves as Guest Faculty at leading academic institutes including IIT, XIC, MET, ISB&M & DGMC. She is also a Member of the Board of Studies at the Deviprasad Goenka Management Institute of Media Studies.


What or who has been your motivation behind your success?

As a Communications Specialist who relishes the challenge of handling every type of communiqué that involves a creative and lively exchange of ideas, information, stories and advice across both business and life counselling areas, my inspiration and guidepost all through life has been Books (no surprises there)!

Books were my constant companion and window to unlimited knowledge… and with the power of knowledge came growth and success. From a very early age on I grew up in a home surrounded with Books from the greatest literary minds spanning Shakespeare, Tennyson, Keats, Milton, Yeats, Wordsworth, Emerson, Dickens, Tolstoy, Homer, Mark Twain, Jane Austen, James Joyce, the Bronte sisters, Oscar Wilde and more. I voraciously consumed all of these by the age of 12 and moved on to reading up on genres including world history, geography, satire, mystery, drama and sci-fi from contemporary authors. As I grew older Books and now the Internet became my gateway to infinite data and information across every possible science, new age philosophy and sphere.

Over the years, people may have disappointed or let me down, but books remained my wise, loyal and sturdy lifelong companions. As C W Eliot aptly said, “Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; the most accessible and wisest of counsellors, and the most patient of teachers.”

How has your journey been? How easy or tough has it been to achieve your goals!

Every journey has its fair share of ups and downs, and that’s the beauty of life. If the goal is clear one develops the ability to turn a blind eye to challenges and detractors.

Given my innate fascination and interest into the complex workings of the human mind I majored in Psychology and thereafter went on to combine the skills and insights received from this Science with my natural gift of Communications to enter the world of Advertising, Marketing and Brand Communications.

The 90’s was a fascinating period in India…liberalization, new career streams and big MNC brands making an entry into the country offered us many opportunities to explore and grow rapidly. The rapid transition to Digital propelled our capabilities and careers further. I was always drawn to working on atypical innovative Brands that elicited awe and wonder such as all the Disney Films & Characters; off-beat Destination Holidays at Kuoni and TCI; and Percept’s EDM Festival Sunburn, as these brands stretched and pushed my limits in lateral thinking, innovation, creativity and audacity when communicating with Stakeholders.

Yes, I do admit as a woman there was no dearth of challenges for me in an era that was witnessing a massive shift in terms of aspirations, emergent career alternatives, gender balance recalibration, work-life balance, disposable income and a range of choices across almost every imaginable sphere. But being the daughter of a single working mother I had the good fortune of learning early on that everything can be juggled and managed in a calm, collected and pragmatic manner. That experience helped me to perceive every obstacle encountered as an opportunity to objectively research, learn and grow from strength to strength. Each challenge surmounted showed me the intrinsic values of having a never-say-die attitude, thinking out-of-the-box, tenacity, patience, willpower, humility and gratitude. Challenges only brought out the best in me and enabled me to mature into a stronger and better version of myself. Confrontations also helped me to discover the power of speaking up and voicing my truth. I realized the importance of facing my inner demons and fears, and rising above them to face bullies and oppressors head on with tact, compassion, empathy and fearlessness. Today, I look back in gratitude at all the hurdles faced as I wouldn’t be half the person I am without all the tribulations faced.

More importantly, my challenges and associated turbulence in my earlier career years helps me to empathize with the confusion, anxiety and angst faced by many youngsters who are stepping out into the corporate world. I make it a point to keep aside some time to not only educate PGD college students in the media industry from a theoretical perspective but also use that opportunity to share my life wisdom and experiences to enable them to become resilient and attain that much needed preparation, edginess and maturity towards their careers and lives going forward.

Who is your role model in Life?

My Mother ‘Rose Augustine Chacko’. A wonderful role model from the start and my greatest Inspiration.

A self-made true ‘Shero’, she effortlessly juggled many work-life roles with poise, dignity and elan. Her exceptional creativity, discipline, focus, courage, altruism, alacrity, multi-tasking skills and resolute display of grace under pressure served as a fabulous learning curve and guidepost for me as I embarked into becoming my own person. In spite of being a lauded actress, singer, dancer, model, poet and writer (featured on Wikipedia), she merged into the corporate workforce to gradually lose her unique identity and creative talents to the anonymity and insignificance that comes with the corporate world. Maybe that’s a reason why I encourage many people through my writings and speeches to break out of the rut and pettiness of industrial thinking to realize the enormity and greater purpose of their individual talents and gifts.

Her life journey not only taught me the virtues of ‘hard work, discipline, patience, kindness and fearlessness’ but more importantly that ‘Nothing Is Impossible’ if one is willing to break through one’s inner fears and limitations. I have also inherited all her creative talents, so that’s truly a blessing and gift that I intend to fully capitalize upon and leverage in the years ahead.

Tell us something exclusive about yourself? What you love to do other than your work?

I love advising, speaking and writing on topics that blend work, life and spirituality. Given my packed schedule, launching my Blog – “Bridges and Barriers”http://sangeetachacko.blogspot.in/ took a while, but I really disciplined myself and dived into it completely in the past year… and it’s been a wonderful ride. With over 50 full-fledged articles posted up that effortlessly merge business practices, philosophy, ethics and spirituality, the writing has not only been a fantastic cathartic process, but has also translated into receiving some wonderful reviews and feedback globally.

It’s especially inspiring to receive feedback from readers who state that my ‘Bridges and Barriers’ series of motivational speeches, daily inspirational quotes and articles struck a chord and helped them resolve many emotionally taxing situations both at a professional and personal front. Knowing that my views and words can help fortify, bolster or restore another person’s spirit is well worth the midnight oil I burn when pondering over the thoughts and words poured into my articles.

Your Inspiration in Life?

All the women from my mother’s side of the family who have encircled and enriched my life including my Mother, Aunt, Grandmother and Great Grandmothers were absolutely phenomenal. They were the ultimate examples of ‘Women of Substance’. They never judged, criticized, blamed, gossiped, lectured or moralized, but instead exemplified perfection simply through the way they lived and conducted themselves. Self-made, reserved, independent and highly respected women, they lived enriched lives filled with integrity, dignity, creativity and quiet wisdom. They have all moved on beyond this world, but I hope they know that I hold all of them in the highest of esteem, and how much their lives served as an inspiration, especially during my low points, conflicting moments and tough phases. Their integrity, honor and acumen became the very backbone of my personal and professional life.

After all, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree!

Where do you see yourself five years from now!?

I see a natural progression from my current corporate space of Marketing Communications into accomplishing my goal of being a Speaker and Writer. I envisage myself travelling the globe, exploring diverse histories and cultures, embracing new age wisdom and disciplines from the Great Teachers, networking with the global community and sharing the amazing insightful experiences garnered through the pages of my books. My writings will veer around encouraging people to break free from the antiquated corporate patriarchy, developing new skills that would encourage greater creativity and freedom, keeping an open mind to new age theories, encouraging progressive social policies and collaboration, and developing greater tolerance, parity and equanimity to the global village we occupy. The old era of materialism, corruption, exploitation, self-gratification, industrialization and patriarchy is collapsing even as a new paradigm of equality, sustainable living, transparency, tolerance and compassion emerge.

Words are a powerful instrument, and I hope to do justice with them in this emergent new era in the coming decade …

You said you love to explore and travel the world! share your most admired destination/s and the reason you love it!

I am an avid explorer and have traveled extensively across England, Scotland, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Egypt, Singapore, Thailand and almost every nook of India. I have always preferred choosing destinations that showcase a marvelous portfolio of ancient history and culture, vista, cuisine, entertainment and adventure. My Blog “Bridges & Barriers”, Daily Inspirational Quotes and associated Guest Articles are often inspired by my travels, chance encounters with fascinating diverse people that comprise our world, a natural observation of their life, as also listening to their interesting narratives.

My fave destination so far has been Egypt. For thousands of years, this land has been a significant playground to some of the greatest dynasties, legends of love and heartbreak, epic battles, betrayal and tragedies, as also enjoyed a flourishing land and sea trade with other ancient civilizations, a rich multi-cultural past encompassing the Pharaonic era, Hellenism, Christianity and Islam, and a treasure trove of art, architecture, science and medicine. I traveled to Egypt with a preconceived bias expecting to see the last remains of some crumbling monuments, a land scarred by poverty and conflict, poor infrastructure, unfriendly locals and horrid hot weather! I came back completely transformed – the magnificence & grandeur of the past has been so well maintained (tourism and tour guides are treated at par with other professions such as doctors and lawyers here); the cities and towns are so well maintained (clean wide roads and all basic amenities in place) that it makes me cringe when I think about our daily struggles in Mumbai; the Egyptian locals were so warm that it makes you wish you’d never have to return to India, and to top it all, the weather was really ice cold in November! The one thing that truly surprised me and stayed in my memory long after my return to India was the amazing warmth, hospitality and love that our Egyptian brethren have for us Indians. Every single Egyptian citizen I met all along our holiday just went out of their way to help us out, guide us around, offer amazing discounts on products and just chat up the minute they got to know we were from India. The minute they heard that we were from India, the first reaction of all the locals were, “Aaah…Amitabh Bachchan!” Initially I thought it was just a flippant remark made in passing, but after hearing this non-stop from all the locals across 10 days I realized just how popular Amitabh Bachchan, Bollywood stars and Indians are to this race of people.

In the 5th century BC Herodotus wrote of Egypt that “nowhere are there so many marvelous things…nor in the world besides are to be seen so many things of unspeakable greatness”…the same holds true even today. Egypt’s glorious past and amazing embracement of the modern world makes this land an extremely unique and must-visit destination unlike any other in the world, for any traveler!

Your One Liner for All other Women Aspirants?

Voice Your Truth – Rather than be forced to change, become a force of constructive & collaborative change…

Your Message to our readers…

As a Woman you are the Full Circle. Within you lies the entire power of the Universe … the power to create, nurture, build and transform. But it is important for YOU to realize the enormity of this power, and OWN it. Take the vital step of ascertaining yourself. Understand who you truly are, identify your dreams and goals, and the legacy you want to create for future generations. Don’t ever compromise yourself. Accept who you are, and be proud of it. You are more powerful, courageous, resilient and intelligent than you are aware of, and more capable of achieving your goals than you will ever know.

And never stop pursuing your dreams. When there is genuine passion, love and inspiration in your efforts, even the Universe steps down to help you succeed!

Sangeeta Chacko-6





#AspiringShe – Yashmeen Chauhan – The Iron Woman Of India !

#AspiringShe is All about honoring applauding the undying spirits of women achievers who have achieved what they have dreamt of and are still aspiring high! It was amazing to have interacted with Yashmeen Chauhan! She is a wonderful person, genuine soul and admirer of great work!


About Yashmeen Chauhan : Born on 21st March, 1979, in the city of Delhi, Yashmeen overcame the turmoils of a troubled childhood and went on with her unstoppable zest to have an amazing body she has today. She is the ‘Iron Woman Of India’ and Winner of Many awards & medals, to mention few:

#IFBB Ms. Asia Body Building Champion (Bronze Medal)
# IBBFF Ms. India Double Gold Winner
# First Runner Up at The Body Power India Expo “Fit Factor” 2015
# Certified Personal Trainer from American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
# An Aerobics Instructor Certified by Reebok Instructors Alliance India(Affiliated to Reebok University, USA)
# Best Body award winner of Gladrags Mrs. India 2005
# India’s First Female Neulife Cellucor Athlete
# Strength & Figure Athlete
# IKFF Certified Kettlebell teacher


How would you like to define your journey to become ‘Iron Woman Of India’ ?

It has not been easy ! As i say ‘My Body is Not a Gift to Me I have earned it’! Most of the people I meet in my profession believe that I was born with the body I live in today. Unfortunately, I was not like what I am today. I was brought up by my grandfather, a retired colonel and pampered by my loving grandmother. I suffered from typhoid when I was in 7th grade. The ailment got detected late and doctors had to give steroids to revive me. As a side effect, I lost most of my hair, got severe acne and started to put on weight. Mine was a joint family. My cousin sisters were thin and pretty. Social life became hell for me. At school or at home, everybody used to tease me for being fat and having a face full of acne. Well, I thought my face and the acne is something I cannot do much about, but my body is up to me how I want to shape it. While in school it was impossible for me to be consistent with my exercise. During that time there were hardly any gyms. Still I used to try to do something or the other by reading or watching here and there but with no results. I made the same mistakes which most of the people make even today like skipping breakfast, eating only two meals, etc. There was nobody to guide me right.

Once I was out of school, I joined a local gym, worked out hard like crazy, felt better but did not lose much. The reason was no proper guidance. In my quest of obtaining knowledge, I enrolled myself for a basic Aerobics course with Reebok. I received my certification for an Aerobics trainer but I did not restrict myself. I kept on reading, studying, enrolled myself with advanced courses on exercise prescription, nutrition, various exercise methods, kept on attending national and international seminars and workshops, experimented with my knowledge first on myself and then on my deserving clients and here I am today. I have struggled to achieve a fit body. It’s not a gift to me. I have earned it !!

Who has been your inspiration life ?

I cannot name anyone but would say it was my very own ‘circumstances’ that played major role in making me what i am today! followed by my passion, determination and zeal to do something!

What would be your appeal or message to Government of India?

I would definitely say that there is so much Talent In Indian Women. Specially with time athletics has become very interesting choice for them, more and more women are opting for it but there is not much support and recognition from our government. There many medals and awards which our sports women win but they go just unmentioned! I would say there should be strong support system from government of India as this entire process would at the end make healthy and fit India which we must aspire for!

Which sport/s would you select of your choice that should be given priority in Indian Scenario?

If I have to say one the it will be wrestling ! I see a lot of women doing wonderful in that arena and we have so much more talent to be sculpted. Sakhshi Malik is one such example, she has done so well for our nation! we must encourage this.

You have so far achieved so much in life, where do you see yourself 5 years from now!

I think there is so much to achieve in life still! I would definitely like to work on my own NGO and Sculpt Gym for women who come from not so privileged background but have desire for fitness, sports body-building. I would like to support them, train them and make them rise high in life. Also I would be participating in International championships and working on to win!

Tell us something exclusive about yourself? what you love to do when not engrossed in fitness regime?

Well, I would say i love biking, i love to Paint do creative art-work and explore new places! Whenever i find time i love to travel!

Which is your most admired destination to travel?

It’s Bali, Indonesia I fell in love with that place after spending two weeks there. We would surely be going there quite often now as its so mesmerizing. It’s  wonderful, it’s superb and very beautiful.


What would be your message to our women aspirants !

I would say only one thing to all – “Women Should Help Women, they Should Feel Happy To See Other Woman Happy” !

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#AspiringShe Sairee Chahal

#AspiringShe has chosen Sairee Chahal – Founder, CEO- SHEROES www.sheroes.in – as One of Our Top 100 Women achievers in India! Wonderful interviewing her ! Applaud  her initiative and efforts for empowering women by creating SHEROES!

saireeAbout Sairee Chahal – Founder and CEO – SHEROES – An Aspen Leadership Fellow, Sairee is India’s foremost evangelist for women at work and Convener of the SHEROES Summit – India’s largest women and business forum. An M.Phil from JNU and a PGDBM holder from IMT Ghaziabad, Sairee kickstarted her professional career while at college before co-founding her first startup. She later worked at corporates like Heidrick and Struggles and CII. Recognized for her achievements globally, Sairee is a Devi Award winner, apart from Femina Achievers Award, Cartier Award Alumni, Editor’s choice for L’Oreal Femina Women’s Award, Business Today and Most Powerful Women in Indian Business. Under Sairee’s leadership, SHEROES embarks on a journey to impact over 100 million women in the next decade.

SHEROES is the largest growth network for women, delivered as an ecosystem of opportunities to help women #TakeCharge of their careers and lives with the core values of Trust, Empathy and Connectedness. By weaving diversity and inclusion, the platform offers a number of unique offerings – a dedicated 24×7 helpline; MARS – a product that bridges the gap between businesses and the work-from-home force; SHE- a product to prevent sexual harassment at work. SHEROES also hosts the SHEROES summits, a multi-city flagship event, The SHIFT- Men’s Conference alongside with community meets across geographies. In May 2017, SHEROES launched a mobile app, to help its community tap into the collective wisdom of a million-plus women. An organization committed to women’s aspirations, SHEROES is supported by an ecosystem of 300 partners and over 15,000 companies. 

Sairee Takecharge 2


What or who has been your motivation behind your success?

I always knew I had to be an entrepreneur, having dabbled in media, consulting, startups, for learning and experience. But when my daughter was born, that was a turning point for me; I experienced first-hand, what women around the world experience everyday – this need to overcompensate, by working harder so they’re not out of the running, post maternity.

As I met more and more women, I knew intuitively that women in general – entrepreneurs, stay-at-home moms, first jobbers, professionals – needed support and more importantly there was this gap, between women’s aspirations and the relevance of workplaces towards these aspirations.

So, we started off as a platform supporting mothers looking to return to work, then expanding into a career and job destination for all women, and now we have pivoted into a full-fledged growth network for all kinds of women.

This is a pretty new concept based on my belief that for personal growth to be sustainable it has to span the full gamut of a woman’s aspirations – from work and fitness to healthy relationships, fiscal health and travel. I guess this understanding and the women I meet, everyday – entrepreneurs, housewives, students, mompreneurs, single mothers, among others – deeply motivate me.

How has been your journey? How easy or tough it’s been to achieve your goals!

It’s not been easy from any angle! But it’s definitely been challenging, fun, exciting, at times frustrating, but nevertheless a journey paved with immense learning. I’ve met all kinds of people – picked up some mentors, champions, and investors along the way. When the going gets tough, as is always the case when building a business, I think of a young woman named Sathiya Sundari, who got on to our platform from a small village in Tamil Nadu. A single mom, and the first person in her family to complete Class 12, she’s now on the fast track to starting her own business

Who is your role model in Life?
My mother – she was the first take-charge women I came across, someone who shaped my attitudes in a big way. Her leadership inspired me to make my own rules. There’s also a lot I’m learning from my daughter, everyday. In still amazes me that she single-handedly feeds almost 20-25 streeties in our neighbourhood, everyday, and she’s just 10 years old! She gets empathy like no one I know.

Tell us something exclusive about yourself? What you love to do other than your work?
Fitness is my absolute cornerstone. Walking, especially nature walks, yoga and commando workouts are my oxygen. I only wear sneakers, and my go-to style is jeans and collared tees, or comfy dresses. Predictably I love travel – places and the people I meet, especially women across the world inspire me, expand my perspective. I recently got to listen to Erna Solberg, Prime Minister of Norway, one of the most gender-equal countries. A mom of two, holding such an influential position makes me believe more and more that a gender-equal society is possible, and we have to fight the good fight to get there.

Your Inspiration in Life?
My business, my family, and of course, SHEROES around the world

Where do you see yourself five years from now!?
I want us to be able to reach 100 million Indian women and support their aspirations!

On a lighter note are you a travel freak! if yes which is your favorite destination and why!

Yes, definitely a travel freak. I like the mountains and getting away from the bustle of the city. I recently was in Aspen in Colorado, as part of the Aspen Fellowship. Learning in the Rocky Mountains is so much more fun! I also like travelling in Europe – the public transport is so good, you can get around without much hassle, and yes, you can walk a lot, which I love.

Your One Liner for All other Women Aspirants?
Stop complaining, take charge.

Your Message to our readers…
This is a great time be a woman in India. Whatever you need, ask, reach out, express yourself. There’s always someone willing to support you. The world can be your oyster, today. But only if you take charge.



#AspiringShe Sohini Roychowdhury Dasgupta

#AspiringShe Campaign has selected Dancer Artsist Choreographer Sohini Roy Chowdhury Dasgupta as One of our Top 100 Women Achievers from India. We all are so proud of her talent!

10989489_10153672842994752_8088256232467573241_nAbout Sohini : Dancer,Choreographer,Founder and Director -SohiniMoksha  World Dance And Communications Also President and Founder of SohiniMoksha Artes De La India. 
She was born in family of illustrious musicians in Calcutta India, Sohini took training in Indian classical dancing at the age of eight. She was trained under Thankamani Kutty & Guru Venkitt renowned & respected gurus of Bharatnatyam & Mohiniattam. Now a Bharatanatyam exponent who studied at Modern High School for Girls, St. Xavier’s College and Cambridge University and took Bharatanatyam to Madrid,  has worked with Danny Boyle.
What or who has been your motivation behind your success?

My idealism, my lifelong dream of art without frontiers and Connecting Civilizations through the exploration and celebration of art and humanism.

How has been your journey! How easy or tough it’s been  for you to achieve your goals!

Its been a tough but fulfilling journey – full of sweat, disappointments, rejections, hope, magic and miracles.


Who is your role model in Life?

No one particular person.

Tell us something exclusive about yourself? What you love to do other than your work?

I love cooking to de-stress – it’s a source of great creativity and happiness for me and for others as well!

Your Inspiration in Life?

I am a great admirer of the marginalized Indian woman that we bump into at every street corner in India, often working on construction sites with her child perched on her back, with a hum in her voice, taking life head-on with grace, dignity, faith and optimism.I also draw great inspiration from Nature and that often reflects in my choreographies and productions.

Where do you see yourself five years from now!?

A movie, a book and a Broadway style stage musical under my belt.

Do you love traveling ? which one is best destination you love the most ?

All of Rajasthan in India and St. Petersburg in Russia

Your One Liner for All other Women Aspirants?

Be kind and keep the fire within you burning bright – and everything is possible.

Your Message to our readers…

Sometimes, Dreams are all we have – make them come true, with hard work and empathy.

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Sohini Roychowdhury
Founder & Director   –  Sohinimoksha World Dance & Communications – Madrid/Berlin/Kolkata
Founder & President – Sohinimoksha Artes de La India, Madrid www.sohinimoksha.com


#AspiringShe – The Artist Sangeeta Babani

Our Online campaign #AspiringShe has selected The Artist Sangeeta Babani as one of the Top 100 women achievers in India ! It was wonderful to know the other beautiful side of an Artist! She is so amazingly talented and an Inspiration in Herself! ..I felt so motivated and positive after interviewing her !2016-02-17 23.24.21

About Sangeeta Babani#AspiringShe: She is the first artist selected by Tata Motors to transform The Nano car into an iconic work of art; known globally as : Art in Motion. She has held numerous exhibitions in India and abroad. Sangeeta Babani, was born and bought up in Spain and settled in Mumbai, India after her marriage. Rich heritage of Spanish art & culture and immense cultural diversity of India are hence naturally ingrained in her and have influenced her immensely. Her paintings comprises of various subjects, though love and woman are her favorites. Sangeeta veers from figurative semi-abstract depiction to abstraction as the mood takes her.

What or Who has been your motivation behind your Success?

Motivation is a fire from within, if someone else tries to light that fire, chances are it will burn very briefly. I have been very passionate about my work and about being innovative. The other factor is Appreciation, when someone appreciates what you’re doing, it motivates a lot, It means you are contributing to something meaningful.

How has been your journey as a painter ? How easy or tough its been to achieve your goals?

I was painting for quite a while before I could start defining what my personal style was and try all sorts of mediums and techniques before I finally realised I did have a Painting style. Experimentation was the second step. Our greatest weakness lies in giving up, the most certain way to succeed is to try just one more time. I never gave up.
Who is your role model in Life?

As a teenager I Met Mr Dev Anand and i feel he influenced me a lot, I learnt from him to live life fully and he had amazing passion for his work, every thought revolved around his work. He did become my role model.
Tell us something exclusive about yourself! What you love to do other than Painting?

Love to keep fit by doing Yoga, eating healthy, going to Spas and I like to watch Plays. 

Your Inspiration In life?

I mostly find myself inspired by my own experiences. When coming up with an idea for a painting or design, I tend to look at the world around me and really feel involved with the people and my surroundings.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

The way I see ahead of now is not something I often think about. The truth, it scares me a little too..A vision I have is of being well known artist world-wide and to be able to do some amount of charity work.

On a lighter side ! Are you a travel freak? Which is your favorite destination and Why?

My love for travel and fondness of different cuisines across the world makes me travel to exotic places. The favorite city is Paris, the city of Love & Art!Your One Liner to all other Women Aspirants?
Setting Goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.
Your message to our readers!
Love yourself and everyone and everything will reflect that love back to you.

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#AspiringShe – Radhika Karle

Our Exclusive Interview with Celebrity Nutritionist & Trainer Radhika Karle. I personally admire her promptness, discipline and timeliness which i have realized while interacting with her!Excellent conversation!

With over 15 years of experience in Pilates, yoga, personal training, and nutrition under her belt, Radhika Karle (proprietor of Mumbai-based fitness studio, Radhika’s Balanced Body) is one of the most sought-after fitness and wellness trainers in the country. Her roster of clients like Sonam Kapoor, Nargis Fakhri, Kirthiga Reddy, Tanya Ghavri and Rhea Kapoor is testimony.


About Radhika Karle : She holds a Master’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Texas Woman’s University, Houston. She has also done a fellowship in Adolescent and Sports Medicine which allowed her to work with professional and division 1 college-level athletes. She returned to India 8 years ago and started Radhika’s Balanced Body, Creating Healthy Minds and Bodies, her nutrition clinic, Pilates studio, and personal training center in Mumbai.

What Inspires you in Life ?
It’s my passion for work that keeps me motivated all the time. I love my work and its my work that keeps me positive and optimistic all the time!

Who is your strength behind this success? Your Mentor?

It’s my own passion and my parents indeed who have always been my strength behind whatever i have been able to achieve so far in life!  My mentor& Instructor is Ann Toran -Master Instructor Balanced Body  based In NewYork (Pilates ReformiNng NewYork – NYC)

Where do you see yourself five years from now? 

I see myself growing Radhika’s Balanced Body on a bigger scale. I have a team of 8  as of now and all are wonderful associates! And i am too happy and contended! In next five years i would like to work with an NGO and try to focus on Mal Nutrition in Children in India!

You have traveled to many countries which is your favorite destination and why?

Well .. I love traveling and it inspires me in many ways! If you would say favorite there are many  But there is one city i can never get enough off is a city in Central America named ‘Belize’ ! I purely love the city for its calmness, ocean feel and scenic beauty! Its Amazingly awesome!

Image result for belize

You have trained many celebrities till date! what is your own mantra of fitness ?

Its Pilates! Which is a form of exercise that focuses on the core muscles, the powerhouse of the body. These are four muscles located in the abdominal and lower back area of the body. The core incorporates all the muscles and works on flexibility and strength together. There is a strong connection between the mind and body, much like Yoga, and thus this mind-body relationship is the essence of the Pilates practice.


What would you suggest to our readers to attain and maintain Bikni Body Like Sonam Kapoor?
The ideal bikini body workout plan includes the following:

Pilates: Thrice a week. It’s the best full body integration exercise and works to whittle one’s torso.

Weight training: Focus on the large muscles of the body, that is, the back, chest, legs and abs
Interval training: We did a lot of this during Sonam’s shoot for Khoobsurat. Interval training helps to build stamina and endurance.
Cardio: The heart is the most important muscle of the body so 30-45 minutes of cardio at least twice a week is essential. Sonam loves swimming which makes for a great cardio workout.
Nutrition: This is an important part of training. To get the perfect bikini bod, its 70-80% about your diet and just 20% about training. “The meal plans I create at Radhika’s Balanced Body are all personalized meal plans based on the client’s lifestyle, fitness goals, and any pre-existing medical conditions.
Here’s a sample of the meal plan Sonam Kapoor followed to her fabulous bikini-body.
We did an ovo-vegetarian diet plan (eggs for protein, no meat, no dairy) which worked very well for Sonam and allowed for some great inch loss.
  • Pre-workout in the morning: Juicifix cold pressed Go Green juice + fruit + black coffee
  • Breakfast: 2 eggs + 1 slice gluten-free bread
  • Snack: 1 cup pomegranate + Green tea + ¼ cup mixed nuts
  • Lunch: 2/3 cup cooked rice + ½ cup cooked lentils (dal) + ½ cup cooked vegetables (sabji) + ½ cup salad
  • Snack: Juicifix cold pressed fruit juice + ½ apple with ½ Tbsp all natural peanut butter
  • Snack: Grilled vegetable sandwich with Green chutney (mint, coriander)
  • Dinner: 1 cup vegetable miso soup

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Whats your message to our readers!

Be passionate to your work. Love what you do Success would surely be yours !

Call 022 2613 8589




#AspiringShe – Mona Shroff Redefining Excellence !

We are So Motivated and Inspired to Share Our Campaign Winners of #AspiringShe – Mona Shroff – International Jewellery Designer – Our Top 100 Women Achievers from India who are doing wonders and are real Inspiration for others!

In a tete-a-tete with Mona Shroff, Artsy Style Traveler – Saumyata Tiwari uncovers the woman behind the successful entrepreneur, her passions, her driving forces, her idols, her professional tryst with Jewelry designing as a career, the challenges she faced, how those challenges tend to augment for a woman and her two cents for budding women entrepreneurs around the world.  Read on..  Mona-Shroff-1

What Inspires and motivates you in Life other than your work?

Motivation is within us , and it comes from being positive and happy in everything we do and think.  Life is beautiful , enjoy it and never hurt anybody. Life has its ups and downs , but it’s up to us how we look at the problem and solve it. As no problem is a lifetime.


Was there a decisive moment/period of your reckoning that got you in the domain of Jewelry designing or was it a carefully made career choice which you deliberately and gradually worked upon?

I am a Textile Designer passed in scholarship and was working at Garden Silk in Mumbai , until I moved to Hongkong and started designing for brands like Selfridges (London), Gallerie LaFayette ( Paris) and 28 department stores in UAE . I designed their full Accessory collection for 18 years until I launched my own label in 2011. At one point I was dealing with 150 factories all over the world , and it was exciting plus taxing . It has been a challenging but satisfying journey in the fashion world . 

What was the biggest turning point/milestone that propelled your professional growth?

I am still waiting for the Biggest milestone to find a Franchise Buyer which will make it easier to open Mona Shroff Jewellery stores all over. There are a few turning points until now :

  • 2011 –  My Jewellery was listed in  inflight Jet International Airways.
  • 2012 –   Lakme Fashion Show.
  • 2015 – Fashion show in Fiji .
  • 2016 – Fashion show in Dubai .
  • 2016- My Jewellery was worn at the Oscars Red Carpet.
  • 2016- Hollywood celebrities wearing my Jewellery at all major Red Carpet events.
  • 2017 – My Jewellery was worn at the Grammys and Latino Grammys Red Carpet.
  • 2017 – My Opening fashion show at India intimate Fashion Show was called the Victoria Secret show of India.

3.What are the beliefs/convictions which drive you and which you draw your strength from?
My strength comes from my GYM. It is my driving force , a place which takes all my negativity and frustrations but gives me Positivity , Confidence and Strength. It is my Best Friend who is a Giver and Never asked anything in return . It is a place where I have time for myself to think in peace and decide on my upcoming ventures and collections.  

Who would possibly be the one or two personalities (in public space) you idolize?

I Idolize every woman , who has carved a Niche  in her professional field ,  faced every hurdle , fought her  battle and made a name for herself. For me they are the True Heroes in REAL life .

We have come to understand that a sizeable proportion of your professional success comes from International markets. How far is this true? What are your immediate & long-term plans/goals for India Besides the much talked about Secret Range?

To enter an International market is extremely difficult as One dosen’t have any God Father’s there. Your products do the talking for you and only if your Jewellery is exclusive and unique , you have a standing in a very competitive  International platform. It is true that most of my success is from Hollywood celebrities wearing my pieces either on the Cover / Centre page shoots or the Red Carpet events. A designer’s credibility is definitely connected with their standing in an International fashion industry.

My plans for India is to find a franchise buyer , as it is easy for me to expand. My manufacturing factories are in Italy and Brazil , which makes it difficult for me  to live in India for a long period of time and manage the stores on my own.


You have travelled the world extensively which is that one destination you love to visit quite often and why!

My favourite destination is Italy. It is one country that is so rich in architecture, history , fashion and creativity. The designing , styling ,and use of unique fabrics and materials is simply fantastic. I love the way how everyone is soo fashion conscious , and is impeccably dressed. The colour combinations they use to  style themselves and the children are jaw dropping. I am spellbound at their mix and match combinations and the way they carry themselves with confidence.

What would constitute your most significant pieces of advice to upcoming Jewelry Designers in India and to women entrepreneurs in general?

My advice to the upcoming Jewellery designers is to concentrate on Finishing and plating. India lacks finishing which is the main drawback , and the most important in any field of fashion. Deliveries should be on time which is the main criteria of a serious and dedicated designer . Be Creative..as it has no boundaries.

Your One liner quote for all of our readers !

Quote of my brand – LESS IS MORE ! DIFFERENT IS ME !

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   Mona Shroff Jewellery Opening Show at IIFW 2017



#AspiringShe Dr. Prerna Taneja

#AspiringShe Dr. Prerna Taneja – Our Top 100 Women Achievers from India! very positive, enusiast and with inspirational ideas. 13124685_153885321680430_2497393587487122113_n

About Dr. Prerna Taneja : She is an Oral Cancer specialist by profession with over 15+ yrs of experience and an entrepreneur at heart!  CEO at Clinic Eximus, Co- chair YII-CII YUVA, Co- founder at Global Women Network, Co -founder Global Women Foundation an initiative” by women for women” to help women entrepreneurs and professionals to be rise above individual limitations! Co- Creator at Tipping Point 1.0, a unique pitch competition for women entrepreneurs and many more..

What or who has been your motivation behind your success?

Every woman is a motivation for me. Women are   multitaskers ,champions  in each and every role they are assigned to, inspite of that they do not enjoy equal rights, this was motivation enough for me to work in the sphere of women empowerment.

How has been your journey? How easy or tough it’s been to achieve your goals!

Life has been kind and my journey has been enriching enough. After finishing my Masters from the prestigious college of Manipal, i was under the impression that life is sorted. But having a skill set has nothing to run a successful enterprise, there are other skill sets needed.

So, it has been a learning curve, not only adding skills to my core domain of dentistry ,medical cosmetology, LASERS  but also entrepreneurship.
Who is your role model in Life?

Indira gandhi and Mother Teresa are my role models. Both of them are on the two ends of the spectrum, from power to humility and compassion. it just gives you an idea what women can aspire to do in each and every field.

Tell us something exclusive about yourself? What you love to do other than your work?

In addition to handling my new venture “Clinic Eximus” that enhances life through expert care  in domains of Skin, Dental, Hair and Plastic Surgery. I invest my time in promoting women entrepreneurship through trainings and  mentoring through Global Women Network  and Tipping Point. I also try to help the weaker sections of the society with improved healthcare through my initiative “Ahamsa”
Your Inspiration in Life?

Life itself is the biggest inspiration for me
Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Five years from now, i see myself  as one of the top women entrepreneurs of India.

Do you love to travel? which is your mosr cherished destination  and the reason you chose it!

I’m totally a travel freak, my favorite destination is Kerala backwaters. I am mesmerized by the beauty of nature and completely in awe o f how selflessly it gives us everything!

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Your One Liner for All other Women Aspirants?

“ Never  give up on yourself.”

Your Message to our readers…

Life is what you make out of it, it’s completely your choice to sit and complain or get up and pursue your dreams.